Remembering and re-learning to live seasonally and follow natural cycles, even in the city, can help bring moments of peace and connection. We all know the mental and physical benefits of being outdoors, but understanding the patterns in nature can help us understand our own rhythms, and each other. In an ever changing world, self sufficiency is a rock to hold on to, and getting to know elements in the plant kingdom can open up a whole world of healing in getting to know yourself.

Food is medicine. What grows outside your doorstep is your tonic! When we spy young fresh nettle tips and wild garlic shoots in early Spring, we know it’s time to start sowing seeds literally and metaphorically. Gathering such herbs and making yummy produce help clears the stagnant winter energy and replenish our systems with mineral-rich freshness for the buzz and whirr of activity ahead. 

The abundance of Summer flower essences, wild salads and aromatic herbs, floral vinegars and syrups, a headiness of medicines to make ready for the change of seasons. In Autumn, when the fruits and nuts and berries have been ripening, we are making rosehip syrup and green tomato chutney, making stews with mushrooms, digging up deep roots like yellow dock and dandelion to concoct immune tonics and keep our internal fire’s burning through winter. 

All around, nature is abundant with food and herbal remedies. Through practices such as Permaculture and Biodynamics, we remember nature as the teacher. We try to reflect this in our gardens, whether in community spaces, youth clubs or balconies, planting whats good for us while supporting the environment. A very satisfying and practical way to take care of yourself, the earth and share with others.