Red Moon Roots is a growing collective of friends born from a desire to live and work more harmoniously, in community service, and to express ourselves through art. One pathway we do this is through food: we desire to share wholesome, healing food that doesn’t cost a fortune and harm the planet, that our work gives back to the whole in some way….

We experience an interconnected relationship between people and planet and by following our PLAYFUL HEARTS, we are re-learning what it is to be human, where the school of life delivers the curriculum and skill sharing helps us grow. We believe business can be a sacred path and we are working together for our livelihoods.

We want to empower ourselves and others on the journey to look deeper at our choices, habits, how we live, to understand the stories of our current era. We seek to create moments beyond societal constraints, to explore truth together. We support and protect younger generations and older traditions, honouring the ways of our ancestors and embracing those of the future by fully living in the now.

We explore time as art, a co-creative healing process, at events, festivals and retreats. Our activities and workshops aim to enrich imagination, foster creativity and artistic expression of all ages, allowing space for play and spontaneity.

Join us on a journey of friendship, cookery, storytelling, music, connection with plants, and rediscovering our wild nature in place we can join forces and support each other…

Contact us for more information! redmoonroots@gmail.comdownloadfile.jpgrmr-bee-garden-2.jpg20170501_115937