We are a collective of people coming together with a desire to live and work more harmoniously with the land and people. To cook and serve food that has heart, nourishes the body and the earth, is in reciprocal relationship giving back to the whole.

In 2015 we started as a food waste kichen in Hackney, London, cooking with the local community on Woodberry Down Estate with fresh fruit and veg that was donated from local shops. Every week, we learned about people’s ailments and taste buds: cooking cultural foods from back home, and tailoring it to a nutritious, vegan and mostly gluten free menu.

We have gone on to create a business with ethics and purpose. Whether it’s cooking at a fundraiser using surplus food that doesn’t go to land fill, or tailoring menus with organic produce at a wedding or festival, we support local growers and makers and always choose the less plastic, air-mile way. We are remembering the ways of a more wild and ancient path, foraging, fermenting, cooking with ritual, with detail, with simplicity. With respect. We encompass the Permaculture principles of People Care, Fair Share and Earth Care.

We empower each other to look deeper at our choices, our habits, how we live and work, to understand the stories of our current era. We seek to create moments beyond societal constraints, to explore truth togetherWe explore time as art, as a co-creative healing process.

Join us on a journey of cookery, storytelling, music, art, nature connection and friendship in these changing times… giving thanks to all the people that have worked with us along the way, bringing their flavour and bigger vision input, and to all the incredible volunteers who help make it happen!

Being mostly off-grid traders we’re not always online, but you can contact:

redmoonroots@gmail.com  / 07538906477