Raw Chocolate Making


The Art of Raw Chocolate
Basic Level


Hands-on workshop, duration 3-4 hours (including chocolate setting time)

Workshop Outline

 A short intro about the origin of cacao, its indigenous use, varieties and how its extracted
 Nutritional facts and benefits of chocolate eaten as medicine
Ingredients used: cacao, sweeteners, and extras such as spices, essences, oils
 Using the senses; touching, smelling, observing, feeling, tasting…
 Equipment – pots, bowls, whisks, molds, etc.
 Preparation work with Peruvian organic cacao bases; strong dark/mild brown/ light white
 Chocolate making and tasting
 Chocolates with fillings

You will:
• expand knowledge of cacao and its use
• learn basic skills in making your own chocolates according to your taste
• receive some chocolates to share with your family or friends
• receive a handout with a list of basic equipment, step by step guide and some recipes

Price: £35 full/£20 concession

Basic Choco Kit
You can purchase our choco kit which will enable you to start making your own raw chocolates straight away. The kit will be of 2 sizes: 500g or 1kg cacao solids and will consist of basic raw organic Peruvian cacao ingredients: 250g or 500g butter, 100g or 200g liquor mass, 150g or 300g cacao powder, a healthier type of sweetener to start with 300g, a silicon mold, and a guide.
Price: £17/30 pound sterling.

It would be very helpful if you could let us know during registration if you want our Choco Kit and which size so we could get them ready for you to take home. Otherwise we might not be able to supply the necessary size or it might take a while and involve shipping (extra charge).