Gardening and Herbs




In an ever changing world, living more seasonally and following natural cycles even in the hectic city, brings us more joy and connection to ourselves and our surroundings.

When we spy young fresh nettle heads and wild garlic beginning to
grow, we know its a sign of Spring and to start sowing seeds, gathering such herbs to make goods. At the end of the season in Autumn, making rosehip syrup and green tomato chutney are two of our favourites.

All around, Nature is abundant with food and herbal remedies. Once we start to look beyond the societal way of doing things and to Nature as the teacher, through methods such as Permaculture and Biodynamics, we open up to a deeper, more interconnected way of being. We try to reflect this in our gardens, whether in community spaces, youth clubs or balconies, planting whats good for us while supporting the environment. A very satisfying and practical way to take care of yourself, the earth and share with others.

We offer –

Simple Permaculture gardening techniques

Seasonally foraged or grown goods

Workshops or ongoing sessions with calendar planning