Storytelling is one of the most ancient performing art forms which has a power to bring magic and fragrance of stories to life through direct interaction with the audience. Stories can heal, give an insight, share universal values, guide through relationships, make us laugh or cry. They also uplift and help in accepting life as it is with all its joys and sorrows. There were times when storytellers were community healers and were called when there was a need to enlighten ignorance or reflect greed with images of truth, faith, hope and love. Some longer others shorter they help imagination roam free through the landscapes of the mind and heart. Stories of life and death, fairies and princesses, wisdom and ignorance, love and hate pouring as storytelling art.

We have a few stories to tell from the very young ones to teens and adults. They can be told in a classroom, around a fire, in a yurt or a tipi, or in a storytelling hut, anywhere where there are ears to listen.IMG_5499