Cooking Class

Young minds need nourishment!

Here we would like to share with young people ways of cooking food that would be nourishing to them or at least not harmful, and most importantly still taste good. It is possible and much fun to play creatively with traditional/popular recipes turning them into health giving treats.

We introduce vegetarian and vegan cuisines and during classes have open discussions on health, art, ethics and how we can contribute to better well-being of our selves and of our community in large.

Our classes are playful and fun with hands on experience where experiments with ingredients are greatly encouraged and mistakes are part of the learning process that help us move forward.

Here are some themes of our classes:

  • What does it take to make a nourishing vegetarian meal? How does it look? Smell…taste..? 12-18 yrs.
  • Let’s get baking – how to bake delicious cakes that are good for us? 6-11 yrs
  • Bread from flour to plate: world breads and sweet yummy nut and seed loafs 6-11 yrs
  • Magic pizza – home made pizzas can taste better than in most of pizza places! 6-18 yrs.
  • World vegetarian cuisines: Italian, Japanese, Indian, Thai …
  • Pancake day – 10 different varieties of pancakes with home made sauces and fillings 6-11 yrs.
  • Discovering salads – an introduction to salads and how tasty and easy to make they can be. 12-18 yrs.
  • Worldwide dumplings also known as: moo moos, ravioli, ada, gyoza, siomai, ushki…6-11 and 12-18 yrs.

Our classes we run at community and youth centres, schools, playgrounds, festivals, events, home education groups.

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