Colour and Clay

IMG_5490As a part of Kid’s space we offer workshops on visual art focusing on drawing, painting, sculpture, and crafts. Here the emphasis is on expression rather than on a technique and precision. We offer space where there is no criticism but rather encouragement to explore and experiment, play as it feels. In art there is no right or wrong, and that what’s needed to realise. Let the sense of beauty be our guide in art baring in mind that it’s a very individual perception hence always to be respected.

Our classes and workshops suitable for children 5-12 yrs. Sometimes we have younger ones joining together with they carers. A whole class can be dedicated solely for painting, sculpting with clay or both. Clay has a warming quality and is an amazing medium that is so pleasant to work with. It has a wonderful calming and soothing effect on our emotions as if absorbing all negativity through the hands. At festivals sometimes we hold a space where kids can come and get creative throughout the day whenever they feel.